10 World’s Best Cruise Trips

In one’s life, the need to just let loose and be free is often suppressed by our day-to-day livelihood, but when all is set and done, we all need a break. A holiday or vacation is probably the best way to get rest.

As Christians would put it, in the beginning earth was full of water and God separated earth from the sea whereas Scientists claim that 70% of the earth is covered by water, so what better way can one explore the world except through water?

Here are some of the best to-go places on a cruise.

#10. Cruise of Paris to Normably, France

In the very center of Paris, the Seine River diverges. It splits France into two Geographical sections. Facing downstream to the south is the city’s left bank, to the north is the right bank.

Decades ago, the right bank was considered home to the bourgeois and the old money while the left bank was edgier, a place for students and artists. The Ile de la Cite arises in the middle of the river marking the birthplace of the city of light.

The famous “Notre Dame Cathedral” which is French for our Lady of Paris was built here over 900 years ago. Today the depth of Seine is controlled by a system of locks built in the 1800’s. 150 kilometers downstream from Paris is a village known as vernal.

The perfect landing spot to gather France’s past and present. Giverny was home to French painter Claude Monet for 43 years.

#9. Admire Tulips and Windmills in Holland and Belgium

Europe’s low countries Belgium and the Netherlands offer colorful new experiences. Just a step or two from the boat you can see a really rich culture. For centuries the winds from the adjacent North Sea have powered pumps to control water levels.

Dutch windmills use canvas sails and were hand oriented to face the wind. In addition to pumping water, windmills were used to grind corn, cut wood and recently to generate commercial electricity.

Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden. It grows over seven million Tulips across 70 acres. The name means kitchen garden. In medieval days, it supplied herbs to a countess living in a castle.

#8. Voyage to Monaco

Fabulously wealthy and gilded by history, the principality of Monaco lies on the French Riviera in western Europe. Smaller than New York’s Central Park, this graceful destination is bordered by France and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

With ancient streets full of exotic cars, a natural harbor filled with super yachts and a glittering royal legacy. Monaco is a tiny relic of medieval Europe that has made itself at home in the 21st century. It draws the rich, the famous and those seeking the kind of lifestyle usually only found in the silver screen.

There is no glamor quite like the old world style still to be found under the soaring chandeliers of Monaco’s magnificent Casino de Monte-Carlo.

#7. Mekong River in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia offers a vast variety of options for travelers who are looking for destinations that are rich in culture and history.

Southeast Asia can be explored on a river cruise along Mekong River. The Mekong River flows 3000 miles through China, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. In Laos, the Mekong is a major route with boats ferrying goods and from Hue side in the north to Bong and beyond.

During the rainy season, the roads are usually impassable making the river route the only option.

#6. Cruise to the Cyclades Islands

The Cyclades, which is southeast of mainland Greece, are some of the most amazing and beautiful islands on earth. The islands include Delos which is the known birth place of Apollo.

Each day you discover a new port of call, a hidden cove with crystal blue waters, a glimpse of ancient history and rich cultural diversity to intrigue you.

A balance between conventional cruising and private yachting onboard the 51 meter “Galileo”, a classic steel motor sailor.

#5. Transatlantic Cruising

Experience the openness and exhilaration of a transatlantic journey aboard a luxurious, all-suite ship – surrounded by sophisticated comfort and enveloped by the warmth of genuine camaraderie between you, your fellow guests and our outstanding crew.

Delight in every comfort and savor every exquisite meal on your way from one continent to another. Along the way, discover fascinating, yet remote islands, from the pink sands and rich naval history of Bermuda to the lush, volcanic archipelago of the Azores.

#4. Explore the Best of Northern Europe

Majestic, historic, romantic and always dramatic Northern Europe is always full of surprises that very few can fathom.

A cruise on the Viking territory offers a great history lesson on the origin of the Vikings. The Vikings were considered as ruthless savages who devoured their enemies or anyone who posed any amount of threat to their livelihood.

Their means of transport was by sea where they would go and conquer their neighboring countries, take their treasure, wives and burn their houses if they failed to surrender as a sign of victory. The 8 Viking countries offer great scenery and a particular culture which is very interesting to learn.

#3. Cruise from New York to Montreal

Cruise to Montreal is beautiful but in the fall the Voyage is made brilliant by the amazing changing colors, panoramic views of Nova Scotia and Eastern Canada’s rugged coastline and the stunning scenery along St. Lawrence River is all the reason one needs to throw this trip in their bucket list.

Prince Edward’s Island can be visited to sample its renowned Sea food and make stops in culinary and vibrant cultural cities such as Montreal, Boston, New York City and Quebec City.

#2. Experience the South Pacific

South Pacific is filled with adventures both in sea and on land just waiting to be taken.

For starters, one can visit the French Polynesia, the Cook Society Islands, with their beautiful waterfalls and seas full of tropical fish and black pearls, as well as the Hawaiian Islands, famous for their beautiful beaches, hula dancing and colorful luaus.

The area is rich in sea food delicacies. At night, Hawaii comes to life where area clubs invite tourists for a once in a lifetime experience. This is definitely one of the trips one should be planning on going of returning.

#1. Around the World Cruise

Sailing around the world is a great way to explore the world. The ideal around the world travel is by air but is not as epic as a voyage.

One gets to see different sites only seen on T.V and in books, experience sea life for more than three months and to travel in almost all continents. Just the thought of this gives me goose bumps. It is a rare once in a lifetime experience that everyone should aim on having.

Marine life will be part of you for the entire voyage and one will be subjected to exclusive sea food which is a new diet to some. I can guarantee that after the voyage, one definitely views the world in a different perspective.

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