Feel hard to use eye shadow?Here are a some tips for you.

Eye Shadow The Tips Everyone Should Know When Using The Eye Shadow

Eye shadow , one of the hardest make up product

Eye Shadow is one of the hardest make up product to handle and use .If we apply eyeshadow incorrectly,our eye will look puffy. The eyeshadow color most girls have is the matte color and earth color because it is the safest and most practical.However,how can we control the orange eye make up or the yellow eyeshadow that is popular among the Japanese girls?Girls become fairy and beautiful after wearing the eye make up.However ,why I look so dirty after wearing the eye make up?Today ,we will share some tips for you when using the eye shadow.You can also look beautiful and fairy if you follow the tips.

Tips when using the eye shadow

When painting the eyeshadow ,especially when you use it first time ,it is better for you to spend more time ,push it slowly .Before make up ,do not apply too much lotion or eye cream on the eyelids,otherwise,make up will loss at ease and it is not easy for the eye shadow to show its color.If you want to emphasize the eye make up , it is important for you to draw the eye make up first before painting the bottom make up.This can help preventing the eye shadow powder from scattering on the finished makeup.Moreover,applying the eyeshadow before using the mascara.This can help preventing the eye shadow powder from falling on the eyelashes.When using the dark color eyeshadow , it is better to clean while painting.It is hard for you to clean when you finish make up.When cleaning ,use the cotton swab to gently roll the part where the remaining powder fall off.

Before the eye make up ,you can use a eye-view mirror .Do not bow and lift the chin .Head up can grasp the position of the eyeshadow applied .Wher should we stop extending the eye shadow?You  can take the  ruler on the nose to the corner of the eye and grab the diagonal line from the corner of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. That is the range of the eyeshadow. If the color exceeds this line, the eyes will look tired.

Blooming is the most important part for eye make up.Don’t let the color link to the fault.The eyeliner should be smudged ,otherwise ,it will look too stiff.When applying the eyeshadow ,we should apply it from the root of the eyelashes to ensure the color of  root of the eyelashes is the deepest .  This can help the eyelashes look thicker.The most important thing you need to know is that you must use pressure to paint but not sweeping when applying the eyeshadow.If you want to strengthen the contour of the eye socket ,you can use the dark eye shadow at the double eyelid fold line.Try different color if your eyelids have enough space.

We hope that our tips can help you a lot .With these tips ,you can also become beautiful and fairy after wearing eye make up.Don’t hesistate and try the tips next time when you need to use the eye shadow.

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Date: 16 th Nov,2019

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