grass mud horse cross bag

The healing series handbag, “grass mud horse cross-body bag”,

Grass mud horse cross body bag

The grass mud horse is so cute that it is irresistible.Every time when a item about grass mud horse is launched , many girls with  a girlish heart will buy it immediately.Recently,the ‘grass mud horse cross body bag ‘was launched ,and it had become one of the must-buy list for girls.The cute expression of the grass mud horse is matched with the pink color,which is the must have hand bag for girls.

grass mud horse bag

This grass mud horse bag is just like a grass mud horse doll.Oh my God!This is so cute!The head is made of ultra white tone.which is in line with the color of the grass mud horse.The lower body of the bag is designed with the pink color,just like a grass mud horse wearing a new cloth in cold winter.

grass mud horse cross bag

Putting the whole grass on the back of the body ,and the cuteness will increase immediately.The grass mud horse is attached to you .It will accompany you to walk around.It will no doubt make you the focus of everyone.

grass mud horse bag

Although the grass mud horse cross body bag is very small ,we can put daily necessities ,such as mobile phone,tissue ,lipsticks into it.Not only the appearance , but also the practicality.

grass mud horse3

If you don’t like the pink color , the bag also has a grass green version.The furry texture is very wintery. You can also use it as a small doll.Putting it on the bed ,hold it super warm when sleeping.

grass mud horse 4

The sincere expression of the grass mud horse bag is very pleasing.However ,as it is white in color,we must take extra care when taking it out to reduce the chance of soiling.Moreover ,this material is not easy to clean.

grass mud horse

The bag is very cute?You want to buy one?Please visit toucanbags for more details.

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Date: 22 nd Nov,2019

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