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Skinny arm stretching movement.10 mins quickly complete

Skinny arm ,every girls dream

When you try to lose weight every time ,it is hard to get a skinny arm even you put many effort. You try to go on a diet ,try to do lots of exercise but seems not work.Today ,we will teach you a exercise,skinny arm stretching.You only need to spend 10 mins per days. After one month ,you will see the effect.Let’s try it now!!!!

Warm Up Exercise is necessary

Before any exercise ,it is necessary to do some warm up exercise first. Otherwise,we will hurt the tendon easily.To start the warm up exercise,you can touch the back with your left hand.Your right hand keep parallel to the ground.After 10 mins ,change the position of right hand and left hand.Do it 3 times on each side.

Step 1 :Arm Opening and closing movement 

First ,bend the arms to 90 degree.Fitting two arms together.Putting in front of the face.Slowing opening the arms of both hands.Remember move it slowly.At this moment ,you can feel the arm muscle.Remember the arm is parallel to the ground when doing the exercise.Doing it 30 times and take 20 seconds break and then continue . A total of 3 groups will be completed.

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Step 2:  Stretching movement of the back and arms

First , using the right hand to touch the back from the head direction.Try to touch down a little bit more.The left hand will straighten out to the left.Hold the left and right hands for 30 seconds.Doing 3 groups on each side.

skinny arm


Step 3: Stretching the arm

Everyone will not be unfamiliar with the arm stretching exercise.Arm stretching exercise can help a lot in reducing the fats in arms.Stretching your right hand first ,then bend your left hand.Setting your right hand with left hand.Make sure that your right arm is stretch as far as possible to stretch the arm muscle.You will feel the soreness of the arm muscle.Each side must adhere to 30 seconds.A total of 3 groups is needed.

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Girls,let’s try the skinny arm stretching movement now!

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Date: 21 st Nov,2019

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