Manicure ,gentle style ! Boys Favourite! Try it

Gentle Manicure give rise to your feminine charm

The gentle manicure can definitely give rise to your feminine charm! Let’s introduce some hot color to you .Milk tea, bean color system, any girl can easily carry!

Let’s today see some of these nail style.

Net color nailstyle

net color nailstyleN


net manicure

The net color nail style is low key but very elegant. The layer is rich. If you like DIY at home, you can try it !

Simple and natural manicure

simple nailstyle


natural nailstyle


If you like natural and simple style ,you can try these models. You can carry it when you go to school and go to work. Boys love these style much. Let’s try it immediately.

Photo:Harper’s Bazaar HK , IG:@natural nail
Text: Lady luxury editorial

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