3 alternative use of lipsticks

Lipstick – Three Alternative Use Of Lipsticks !

Lipstick , a multi functional cosmetics

Every girls must have a lipstick at home .Do you know that your lipsticks is a multi functional cosmetics?If you don’t have enough time to make a full make up ,your lipsticks can really help you a lot.Today,we will introduce the 3 alternative use of lipsticks.Next time ,you can sleep for a longer time in the morning.Also,your make up bag can be light.

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1.Lipsticks can be used as a rouge

When you forget to apply rouge ,your lipsticks is helpful.You can put small amount of lipstick on your fingertips.Then,you can use body temperature to warm the lipsticks.Clicking on the apple muscle position .The natural rouge effect will be showed.

Here we give you a tips.Remember to choose a lip balm with good texture .Otherwise,it will be difficult to push.


2.Lipstick can be used as eye shadow

Forget to apply eye shadow?Your lipsticks can also help a lot.Apply lipsticks to the eyeliner and smudge upwards by hand gently.Want the natural effect?Apply it on the back of your hand.Use your finger to pick the right amount to print the eyelids.

However ,the durability is general .It is better to apply a layer of powder to fix the make up.As lipsticks is more oily ,remember to remove the make up carefully.

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3.Lipstick use as a concealer

Sometimes ,concealer can not help to cover the dark circle.To solve this problem,you must use the red or orange tinted cream as a prime.Then,covering with a natural color concealer.Lipstick can just take the role of red or tinted cream.

Lipsticks texture  is moist.The concealer effect of adding lipstick is better than using the concealer alone.

Next time ,when you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to make a full make up ,remember you lipstick is useful.

Text :Lady Luxury Editorial
Date: 17 th Nov,2019



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