Italy ,hometown of the elves. Alberobello is a ‘Paradise Town .

Travel to a paradise town

What is your favorite travel mode ?I think that a slow moving tour is good.Every time I want to relax myself ,I will discover some characteristics town which is far away from bustle and hustle.A relaxing journey can heal the soul.Many countries in Europe have small towns.At there ,you can relax and enjoy the life.Today ,I want to introduce you the ‘paradise town’ from southern Italy.

Italy,country with a strong literary atmosphere

Italy has a strong literary atmosphere.It is full of elegant churches,museums,galleries and other buildings.At there ,you will feel like you are an intellectual literary girl.It is worth to visit.Italy also has many paradise place,especially in the southern regions.


Alberobello,a paradise town

Alberobello is known as a paradise town by the public.It is a  very popular tourist destination in recent years.This small town in the Puglia region of southern Italy has population about 1,1000 people.Although population there is small,it is famous for its characteristic architecture ‘Trullo’.It was listed as a world heritage in 1996.

When you step into this small town,you will find that the orderly ‘Trullo’ is amazing.These arc shaped white cottages are like the fairy mushroom houses.The pure white beauty that come into view is very healing.Therefore,many said that Alberobello is the hometown of the elf.


History of Trullo

Trullo,the mushroom house,is a characteristic building in the Puglia region.There is a long history behind the Trullo. The law in the past require the house owner to pay tax.In order to avoid the heavy tax,the residents built a detachable roof lodge ,posing as no one to live in.After the tax time ,they will reload the roof.


As a popular tourist destination ,there are many shops selling souvenirs in the local area.It is suggested to walk in the narrow street in the afternoon ,and take photo of this beautiful environment.

Next time if you have a chance to go to Italy ,don’t forget to put this ‘paradise town’ in the itinerary.

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Date: 21 st Nov,2019

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