Do you have insomnia ? Try these drink to treat it

Insomnia is a problem to many in this bustle and hustle society.

Do you have insomnia ?People nowadays have a stressful life.Their sleep may be affected.Too much or too little sleep may cause diabetes ,depression,heart disease and even death.Diet may help a lot to improve your sleep.Today,I will introduce some good drink that can help to solve insomnia.

cherry juice

1.Cherry Juice

Cherry juice has a good taste.It contains tryptophan which can help insomnia.Tryptophan is an amino acid  that helps regulate the physiological clock of sleep.Both the sweet and sour cherry contain melatonin. However,it is believed that sour cherry contains more melatonin.

A 7-day study involving 20 people found that daily consumption of concentrated sour cherry juice significantly increased melatonin levels compared to those who took placebo. In a similar study, 30 participants participated in the shoot and drank 2 times a day, using a cherry-based drink, and found that it improved the night’s rest and reduced the number of waking up at night. In addition, a study showed that drinking 2 cups of cherry juice per day for 2 weeks, and those aged 50 or above, increased total sleep time by 84 minutes, and helped treat symptoms of insomnia.

chamomile tea

2.Chamomile tea

Some studies show that chamomile tea can help improve sleep.After drinking chamomile tea daily for two week,many improve their symptoms of insufficient sleep.It may help to treat depression ,insomnia,improve sleep also.

almond milk

3.Almond Milk

Almond can help improve sleep.In one study, 75 patients with chronic insomnia were found to use 3 drops of pure almond oil per nose every night for 30 days, and their sleep quality improved significantly. In another study, 442 college students ate 10 almonds daily for 2 weeks, and their insomnia dropped by 8.4%.

warm milk

4.Warm Milk

Drinking warm milk can help improve sleep.Milk contains tryptophan,which increase serotonin and increase melatonin level. Melatonin can help sleep and fight different sleep disorder,include sleep problem caused by jet lag,shift work etc.

banana almond smoothie

5.Banana almond smoothie

Banana are rich in magnesium and potassium.Potassium and magnesium can help relax muscle ,while almond can help insomnia.

Next time if you have insomnia ,you can try these drink which can undoubtedly help you a lot.


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