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hidden usage of mask

3 mask hidden usage girls must know

3 Hidden usage of mask girls must know The mask is a prominent part of moisturizing the skin.Every time after applying the mask,I think that my skin  is very watery .However ,every time the mask leave lots of essence.Apart from smearing it to other part of the body ,there are still many uses.Today,we will teach …

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skinny arm

Skinny arm stretching movement.10 mins quickly complete

Skinny arm ,every girls dream When you try to lose weight every time ,it is hard to get a skinny arm even you put many effort. You try to go on a diet ,try to do lots of exercise but seems not work.Today ,we will teach you a exercise,skinny arm stretching.You only need to spend …

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3 alternative use of lipsticks

Lipstick – Three Alternative Use Of Lipsticks !

Lipstick , a multi functional cosmetics Every girls must have a lipstick at home .Do you know that your lipsticks is a multi functional cosmetics?If you don’t have enough time to make a full make up ,your lipsticks can really help you a lot.Today,we will introduce the 3 alternative use of lipsticks.Next time ,you can …

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Feel hard to use eye shadow?Here are a some tips for you.

Eye Shadow The Tips Everyone Should Know When Using The Eye Shadow

Eye shadow , one of the hardest make up product Eye Shadow is one of the hardest make up product to handle and use .If we apply eyeshadow incorrectly,our eye will look puffy. The eyeshadow color most girls have is the matte color and earth color because it is the safest and most practical.However,how can …

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Searching for hair color in 2019 Winter?Lets take a look at the following

10 hair color idea to try in 2019 Winter

Hair color idea for 2019 Winter Christmas is coming soon and it is time to update your hair color . Today , we will give you some tips for updating your hair color for 2019 Winter. 1.Rich Mahogancy Rich Mahogancy is a bit darker than the red. This color has both the cool and warm …

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  • What are your tips & tricks for getting a flawless base?

    I find exfoliating regularly (two times a week or so) helps a lot with getting an even application of product and minimizes product getting caught on flaky skin. A cleaner brush or sponge is better at distributing color--I've definitely noticed if I re-use a brush, the application is often a little less-good over time. If I'm working with a more matte formula, I also like to spritz my brush lightly with water or an adhesive spray, which helps it distribute more readily without disturbing the formula.

  • Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot Time Restoring Review

    In this post, I will be reviewing Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot Time Restoring. Read on for more details on this product. The post Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot Time Restoring Review appeared first on

  • Sydney Grace Time Stops Blush Review & Swatches

    Sydney Grace Time Stops Pressed Blush ($9.00 for 0.25 oz.) is a soft, medium pink with moderate warm undertones and a satin finish. It had opaque color coverage in a single layer to the point where I'd advise using a lighter hand to pick up product initially and building up as necessary (to avoid over-applying--it is always easier to add more than to take it away!). The texture was soft, lightly powdery in the pan but blendable and easy to work with on bare skin or over foundation. I noticed the color darkened about half a shade to a full Continue Reading…

  • How To Become a Vegan Quickly

    We see many celebrities advocating “veganism,” and often ponder whether it’s a new kind of a diet to lose weight. Vegan is not a fad diet or a way to lose weight, it’s a way of life where one chooses to completely eliminate meat, diary, and animal products from their diet in order to prevent The post How To Become a Vegan Quickly appeared first on

  • MAC Natural Wilderness, Sandstone, Greystone, Carbon, In Living Pink Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches

    MAC Natural Wilderness Eyeshadow ($17.00 for 0.05 oz.) is a lighter, very yellowy brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had rich color payoff in a single layer, while the texture was smooth to the touch, not too firmly nor too softly pressed in to the pan. I had no trouble picking up product with a dry brush and diffusing the edges. It stayed on nicely for eight hours before fading a bit. MAC Sandstone Eyeshadow ($17.00 for 0.05 oz.) is a light, golden taupe with muted, warm undertones and a matte finish. It had good color coverage Continue Reading…

HairStyle in LadyLuxury

low hair bun

How to complete the ‘Korean temperament low hair bun’in three simple minutes.

Every time when I watch the Korean drama heroine tying her sexy low hair bun ,I want to try it myself.However,I fail.Sometimes I want to change my hairstyle,not just tying a ponytail.A simple and temperament low hair bun is a good choice for everyone indeed.It will increase the femininity in a  second. Do you want …

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Top 5 Boys Favorite Hairstyle.Let him infatuated with you!!!!

Hairstyle is a very important thing for girls Girls may not know how to make a good hairstyle when they date their loved one.A beautiful hair style is definitely the key to get a good impression .Which style of hair style does the boy prefer?Sweet style , simple style ,or……Let’s take a look at the …

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  • Pompadour

    Pompadour Whether you bob it, or taper the sides and back, the pompadour is a signature look this summer that makes a bold and sexy statement. Getting the right haircut is essential for this style. To achieve this look, make sure your stylist leaves the longest pieces in the front bang area, with hair getting The post Pompadour appeared first on The Hairstyle Blog.

  • 2 Updo Hairstyles For Homecoming

    Today's hair tutorial video features 2 of our favorite bun hairstyles that we thought would be perfect for Homecoming or Prom.  If you are looking for a unique and fairly easy updo, either of these sleek and glamorous buns will do the trick. We originally posted these hairstyles 5 years ago when my daughter was only 11.  She's 16 now and will actually be going to her own High School Homecoming in a few weeks! We are assuming many of you have never seen this video, so we wanted to resurface it again.Star and Flower Bun Video Tutorials: (Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)This tutorial shows how to create these bun hairstyles using a knotted braiding technique. These 2 styles would not only be great for formal dances, but many other occasions including: Weddings (bridal hairstyle, or flower girl hairstyle) communions, baptisms, recitals, church, Easter, etc.Star Bun Hairstyle Flower Bun HairstyleEven though these 2 updos look quite intricate, you will find that they are actually pretty quick and easy to create!Supplies needed:One hair tie for the top of the ponytail.Several bobby pins.Finishing hairspray, gel, wax, etc. 

  • 4 Easy Headband Hairstyles For School In 5 Minutes

    Cute, no-heat headband hairstyles for every day wear! Hey guys! We are always looking for simple and quick hairstyles for school mornings and thought these headband styles from our YouTube channel would be perfect for back to school season. These "5 minute hairstyles" are all super easy but still look fashionable, even though they take very little effort!  The headbands add a stylish finishing touch and of course can be changed up and matched to your outfit of the day.4 Simple Headband Hairstyles Video Tutorials:(Click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.)Hair tutorial #1 features a classic twist on each side of her head, finishing in a low fishtail braid.Hairstyle #2 is a trendy half up hairstyle with extra micro braids wrapping around the headband. We used a silver braided headband and placed it high on her forehead.Hairstyle #3 is the easiest of all! A fancy side ponytail with a twist wrapping around the back.Hairstyle #4 features a pretty beaded headband placed between 2 small braids. We created no heat waves by sleeping in braids overnight to complete this look.All four of these hairstyles can be done with straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair. Medium length hair or long hair will work best.Link for the Topsy tail (affiliate) as shown in hairstyle tutorial #2

  • Bandables Twisty Braids Headband Review and Tutorial

    Today we are testing the "bandables twisty braids headband" by Localoc.  We saw this at our local Walmart and thought it looked cute and fun to try.We are always looking for easy hairstyles for school mornings and thought it would be perfect for those days when you need a 5 minute hairstyle. (Which is pretty much every school morning at our house!) This would also be a great accessory for 2nd or 3rd day hair, to help disguise when it's looking slightly greasy. For those of you who are growing out your bangs, this would be fabulous as well!Review and Tutorial Video: (Click here to watch this hairstyle video directly on YouTube.) We liked that the little hair elastics on this headband held her hair back quite tightly without pulling or clamping her hair.  We've tried similar options in the past (with barrettes or clips attached to the headband) and it seems like you need exactly the right amount of hair to make those work. We've had trouble with the hair being too thick to clip the barrettes shut, or the hair being too thin and sliding right out.  So, the elastics are a great option that will accommodate all different hair textures and thickness.There are many different hairstyles that can be created using this headband.  We have shown just a few basic ideas in this video: A half up twist. A ponytail.If you play sports, I think this would be a nice option for keeping your hair out of your face.  You could add a ponytail, bun, or braid and be ready to go.I think this would look really cute with curled, wavy, or crimped hair as well as straight.  This would also be perfect for short hair, as well as long. So fun! We unfortunately were not able to find this available to purchase online yet... I think it is too new.  Here are some similar headbands on Amazon, but none with the elastics yet:Headband 1, Headband 2, Headband 3. You might have better luck finding this at your local drugstore or retailer.

  • 3 Back To School Hairstyles 2019

    It's back to school season and we are excited to share 3 of our favorite quick and easy DIY hairstyles that would be perfect for busy school mornings!   These are all "no heat" hairstyles and could work for elementary through high school students.Video Hair Tutorial: (Click here to watch these easy braids directly on YouTube.The first hairstyle in our 2019 compilation series is called "gathered braids." This simple hairstyle consists of 3 regular braids banded together to form a cute half up hairstyle.  Just a little something extra instead of the same old one braid half up!Our next hairstyle is called the "palm tree bubble braid." This fun style looks a lot more difficult than it actually is.  All that is required are a few mini elastics and the ability to make some regular 3 strand braids! My daughter wears this style quite often as a half up (as shown) and also utilized with a full ponytail.The 3rd hairstyle in our video tutorial today is the "interlocking floating bubble braid." This technique can be used to create so many amazing hairstyles and just looks so cool.  Definitely an attention grabber! Supplies needed to recreate these easy hairstyles: Small hair elastics.  (The amount will depend on the hairstyle you are creating as well as the length of hair you are working with.Hairspray, gel, wax, or other hair product to help prevent flyaways.The ability to make a basic 3 strand braid.  (For all 3 styles.)Medium length or long hair.Hope you enjoyed all of these cute braids and are having a great summer!  When does school start back up again where you live?

Nice Nails in LadyLuxury


Manicure ,gentle style ! Boys Favourite! Try it

Gentle Manicure give rise to your feminine charm The gentle manicure can definitely give rise to your feminine charm! Let’s introduce some hot color to you .Milk tea, bean color system, any girl can easily carry! Let’s today see some of these nail style. Net color nailstyle N   The net color nail style is …

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  • Get a Fresh Look with These Reverse Manicure Nail Designs

    French manicure is one such design that is quite trending and is one of the easiest ways to get a pretty-looking nail. But something that is trending, even more, is the reverse manicure. This is somewhat similar to the half-moon accent that you make on your nails. It can be a half-moon accent and can

  • Pastel Shades for a Fresher Nail Design

    Pastel nail shades have been there for quite some long time now. Though they are here to stay there are different designs in pastel to offer you a fresher look. Magic of Pale Pink When talked about pink, the first image that comes to mind is that of the girly pink shade. You might think

  • Best Nail Design Ideas for the Mermaid Lovers

    It is still not known whether mermaids do exist or not but still people do get fascinated with the idea of mermaids. There have been so many things today related to these unknown creatures and one such thing is the nail designs. Women go crazy over the mermaid nail designs as they are lovely to

  • Flaunt Your Round Nails with These Designs

    Round nails are normally short in length and are best for people who have long slender fingers. If you are not able to maintain long nails, round nails are the best options for you. They are durable and still can offer you the best look if maintained properly. Minimalistic Patterns One of the best and

  • Get Some Amazing Ideas For Your Summer Nail Designs

    Summers bring in so many fun things and you should not miss out missing them and experimenting with your nail designs. When it is summer, you have so many things to try out such floral designs, corals, and so many others. The basic is that the main colors are the nude or the bright shades

SkinCare in LadyLuxury

Skin Whitening Mask

Skin Whitening Face Mask DIY

Handmade Skin Whitening Face Mask Skin whitening face mask can give your skin lots of benefit.If you want to get rid of Sun Tan ,Blemishes ,Darkness ,you must try these skin whitening treatment mask which will help you to solve the problems.   1.Cherry Tomato Orange Mask Ingredient: 2-3 Cherry Tomato  1/2 Orange Enough water …

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Looking Youthful

How Jennifer Lopez’s Skincare Routine Keeps Her Looking Youthful This summer, Jennifer Lopez turns 50. To commemorate the multi-hyphenate’s birthday on July 24th, we’re counting down with 50 Days of J.Lo, a celebration of the woman who’s shown us all by example how to be ageless—inside and out. several habits that help keep her looking …

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  • 9 Ways to Feel a Little Bit Better by 9AM

    We all need some help feeling upbeat and energized these days, when every piece of news seems increasingly gloomy. That’s why we asked experts for their best advice about resetting our attitude and spirit first thing in the morning for a more positive, productive day. 1. Take five big breaths. If she wakes up in... Read more »

  • The grocery store, your skin and Covid-19

    We all need to eat, so this is a real question.  I’m a doctor, and I love math and science, AND we also need to remember while statistics are important, they are not the whole story.  Treating each other compassionately, not hoarding, and remembering that what is NOT in the fact equation is human ingenuity, The post The grocery store, your skin and Covid-19 appeared first on Skintour.

  • Everything You Should Know About Your Skin Microbiome

    When I wrote about eight skincare trends to look for in 2020, I predicted a surge in products that affect... Continue The post Everything You Should Know About Your Skin Microbiome appeared first on Expert Skin Advice from Renee Rouleau.

  • Mario Monthly Edit: April Skin Care

    Originally published as Mario Monthly Edit: April Skin Care from the Mario Badescu Skin Care Blog. Make it simple, but significant. Now more than ever, it’s the little things that have the greatest impact on our lives. No matter how small the step or seemingly insignificant the habit, any attempt at self-care is preservation—especially when anxiety … Continue reading → Originally published as Mario Monthly Edit: April Skin Care from the Mario Badescu Skin Care Blog.

  • What Is Double Cleansing?

    And should I be doing it? Two very excellent questions which, do not worry, we’ve got the answers to. Exactly as you’d imagine, double cleansing is the process of cleaning your face not once, but twice. It can be very beneficial for people who wear SPF every day (as you should!), or if you wear … Continue reading "What Is Double Cleansing?" The post What Is Double Cleansing? appeared first on The Pai Life.

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