hidden usage of mask

3 mask hidden usage girls must know

3 Hidden usage of mask girls must know

The mask is a prominent part of moisturizing the skin.Every time after applying the mask,I think that my skin  is very watery .However ,every time the mask leave lots of essence.Apart from smearing it to other part of the body ,there are still many uses.Today,we will teach you the 3 mask hidden usage.You can use every drop of the mask without wasting .

Usage 1:Adding to air cushion foundation

Sometimes,your cushion will dry out when it is used at the end.At this moment ,you can add mask essence to resurrect it.This can extend the service life for several weeks to one month.In dry weather,you will feel the cushion is not moisturizing enough.At this moment ,you can add the mask essence.Your make up will look better.

bb cushion

Usage 2:Making a moisturizing spray

Want to moisturizing anytime,anywhere?A portable moisturizing spray is indispensable.Mixing the mask essence with the toner and pour it into the spray bottle.With air conditioner ,the skin in the office is very Dry.The moisturizing spray is useful.However,remember to use the moisturizing spray as soon as possible.

moisturizing spray

Usage 3:Use as shoe care product

This method is unexpected.As long as the essence is rubbed on the upper ,a protective film will be formed to make the shoe more durable and not easily damaged.We can use it to polish the shoes as well.

shoe care


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