Searching for hair color in 2019 Winter?Lets take a look at the following

10 hair color idea to try in 2019 Winter

Hair color idea for 2019 Winter

Christmas is coming soon and it is time to update your hair color . Today , we will give you some tips for updating your hair color for 2019 Winter.

1.Rich Mahogancy

Rich Mahogancy ,hair color suitable for every skin tone.Try now

Rich Mahogancy is a bit darker than the red. This color has both the cool and warm color and it is suitable for every skin tone and eye color. This red color is very beautiful and is easy to carry. However, this color is not long lasting .In oder to keep the hair beautiful and shinny ,we strongly recommend treating the color with a color-depositing, nourishing hair mask once per week.

2.Sombre Babylights

Want to gain happiness and cheer in winter?Try the Sombre Babylights .

Sombre Babylights can make you to be the brightest one in the party. Adding two shades of highlights over the medium brown base .This color can definitely help giving cheers to the winter days in 2019.

3.Dark brown color with a light brown highlights

Want to look younger.Try this now

Dark brown color is a welcome color for everyone in winter. Adding a warm highlights can help adding a youthful appearance when painted on dark color. Want to have a youth look in this winter ,try it immediately.

4.Honey Blonde

Want to look sweeter in Christmas?Try hony blonde

Honey Blonde can help you to look sweeter in this Christmas. According to Kersten ,this honey blonde color is a good mix of cool and warm ,and can make  your hair look more healthy and less frizzy.

5.Rose brown highlight

Rose brown highlight, just like telling everyone spring is coming

The Rose brown highlight can make your skin tone whiter .With the Rose brown highlight , it gives a subtle ,softer shade ,like telling everyone spring is coming.

6.Very Dark Burgundy Ombre

very dark burgundy ombre shows you are chic and have a good taste

This look requires many picture to capture how awesome you look. This show that you are chic and have a good taste.

7.Barely There Burgundy Tint for Brunettes

Searching for a trendy color?This suit everyone

If you like your dark brunette hair and want to add some red wine color in it, you can try this. Throw some subtle balayage highlights can make your mane dimensional and colored. This color can suit every skin tone ,eye color and is trendy all year round.

8.Chocolate Brownie

2020 is coming soon .This hair is great if you want to try a new look .When hiting the natural sunlight ,a lighter shade of brown will come off .

Natural is the best ,right?

9.Silver fox

Silver is a trendy option for winter .This gives you a luminous and metalize look. Though it need a long process to get this color ,but you can get a amazing look if you insist.

Silver should be the great color for winter

10.Orange and Yellow Mix

Want to try something new.This is a good idea.

Do you dare to try this color and being the brightest one? The lemon yellow highlight accent the shade perfectly. You will have lots of happiness when you look into the mirrors.

Christmas and winter  is coming.  Let’s try the new hair color to celebrate this joyful festival.

Text :Lady Luxury Editorial
Date: 14 th Nov,2019

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